Babynsuch relaunch

So, alot has happened since I launched this website in 2019.  I was mainly selling Itzy Ritzy and the deals I was providing was great and then as time went by those deals started to go away.  As a Itzy Ritzy seller it was hard to compete with the company.  When they started to sell on Amazon and even through their website it became difficult and I knew that I couldn't keep selling Itzy Ritzy at the prices I was getting; I couldn't compete nor was I going to make any profit.

Me and My husband, started to think outside the box, what else could we do to bring deals to mamas and papas out there?  We searched hard, made a ton of different connections which brings us to where we are now.  A completely relaunched website with a slightly different goal.  We are still going to be bringing deals, but the deals are going to be greater than what we were selling before.  We are selling all things clothes and accessories for infants and kids and we are doing it at 50% OFF the retail cost.

This blog is something we started to give you guys an update on our journey.  Hopefully we didn't bore you guys, and hope to see you next week.