Our Story

Follow your passion, and success will follow you

Let's start at the beginning, well not entirely the beginning, but somewhere close to it.

There's two of us, we are a family run business, I'm ANNA, and my husband is DAMIEN. 

Together we have been doing business for entirely way too long.  We started like most people selling on EBAY and AMAZON back in the early, early 2000s.  We sold window treatment.  I know that's a big jump from selling children's clothing online.

But, that's just the beginning.

After selling window treatment we moved on to books.  We love books, my husband is a writer, not that much of a success in sales, but he has 3 novels out and he enjoys writing.   I know, I'm going off topic, but it's okay, I tend to do that quite often.

After a successful book business online and with the decline of physical books, we had to jump ship where we just stopped selling online.  Our business days were temporarily over, we had more kids.  Which I forgot to mention earlier that we have children.  

So, after not doing business for quite a while, we had our latest and maybe final child, this is where get to where we are now.  We had to buy clothes and toys, and all the jazz that goes with it and it was ridiculously out of our budget.  The thing was we searched everywhere online and no one had discount kids clothes.

It was sorta a drag, but that's okay, if that didn't happen then we wouldn't be here.  We wouldn't be trying to source the best possible deals to bring to you guys at what we like to think as a reasonable price for families that are looking for discounted savings.  
Well, the story is quite long, hopefully it wasn't that much of a drag to read.


Our goal is simple, we're here to have a successful business while also providing a great quality clothing to families at affordable prices.


We hope to add more and more clothing from designer childrens clothes to affordable clothing all at the goal of ALWAYS 50% OFF retail


As technology advances we hope to move with it. We plan on keeping up with the latest features in selling such as instagram feed, pinterest, and tiktok.


We are planning on going head on with our social platforms which you can find at the top right of our web page. From their you can get a better insight of who we are and how we operate.




Director of Sales